For: Océanopolis / Brest
Date: Océanopolis: 2015 04 11 to 2017 02 21
L’Aquarium Tropical / Paris: 2017 10 03 to 2018 09 02
Espace des sciences / Rennes: 2018 09 25 to 2019 03 10
Aera: 450 m2
Scénography: Atelier Pascal Payeur
Illustrations: Giulia D’Anna Lupo

The exhibition offers an interactive tour to explore the marine world in seven different aspects.
• Planktonic exploration: plankton under the microscope.
• Coastal exploration: who lives in the sand castle?
• Tropical exploration: all the secrets of the coral reefs.
• Abyssal exploration: pilot a bathyscaphe to discover the strange creatures of the deep.
• Polar exploration: what do polar animals eat?
• Cartographic exploration: the evolution of nautical maps and navigation instruments.
These different explorations help children to better understand marine ecosystems and make them sensitive to the dangers that these environments face.

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